Thursday, September 25, 2014

So funny wow ... Love Ellen - Ellen & Matthew Lincoln Commercial

Ellen and Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial is Hysterical !

Ellen as usual is outrageously funny, she out did herself on this video.  Love her.  Had to share, thought it would bring some smiles today (so gloomy outside).

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Coffee Shop Review of Down House in Houston Heights 09-13-2014

Review of Down House Coffee Shop

A very quaint coffee house, with that small town European feel. 

This weekend, after our Lakewood Church visit, we decided to have some late night latte at a coffee house, and thought it would be nice to view Down House Coffee Shop.  I was very pleasently surprised with the atmosphere, lighting, and hospitality.  I give this coffee shop about a 4.25 star on a 5 star rating system, and I will explain why.

First the good news, the shop has a wonderful atmosphere, engulfing you in a European setting.  I really felt like I was in another country.  I do not know how they did that, but it was amazing.  The coffee was great, not excellent but great.  I had a latte and was surprised that they did not offer a variety of milks (such as skim, or non fat..etc...).  Secondly, I like the bigger cups of  coffee and these were on the small side... (ok maybe I am a bit spoiled ...hahhaha)...  

The hospitality was fair, not excellent or great but fair.  We were seated very quickly, but their greeting was a bit cold, not sure why, maybe they were upset about something .. who knows.   Our waiter was nice, but also lacked the warmness I expected.  

The restroom was not sufficient, not only does it only have one stall, but it was not very clean.  Their was paper towels everywhere, and other problems I will not mention.  I know they can do better, and hope this lands in the managers lap so he can get this place up to par, where it should be.  

It is a great place by far and I definitely recommend this place, but I had to be honest with you guys.  Well enough blogging for now, i'm headed to show 5 homes in the Heights today and can't wait.  This first time buyer family is so excited.  Talk to you guys later.  BYE for now =).

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Video of the Patio

Hey I love this, you can ride your bike here and stop in to refuel your body.

Coffee was pretty good, 

Friday, September 12, 2014



50 New Construction Properties to Be Built in the Heights 

The Southwest corner of Heights is going to explode with new construction.  The builders have seen the demand, now they are acting upon it.  50 new homes being built by just one builder is going to create one noisy, polluted area for at least 2.5 years in my opinion.  

I do love the advancement in the neighborhood, and understand change is inevitable but just wish somethings would stay the same.  Sighhhh, but one can only dream.   In 20 years, I believe the area will be full of townhomes & condos, and most likely the residence will have to sell to builders.  

I know a lot of the home owners in the area, and many are 60+ years of age, and they usually say they will die in their home & give to their kids when they pass.  It is quite heart breaking, but yet also very  honorable.  Well I gotta go for now, need to sell more homes.  Talk to you guys later.

Yoga class soon, just trying to avoid the rain... Blahhhh 

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