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Coffee Shop Review of Down House in Houston Heights 09-13-2014

Review of Down House Coffee Shop

A very quaint coffee house, with that small town European feel. 

This weekend, after our Lakewood Church visit, we decided to have some late night latte at a coffee house, and thought it would be nice to view Down House Coffee Shop.  I was very pleasently surprised with the atmosphere, lighting, and hospitality.  I give this coffee shop about a 4.25 star on a 5 star rating system, and I will explain why.

First the good news, the shop has a wonderful atmosphere, engulfing you in a European setting.  I really felt like I was in another country.  I do not know how they did that, but it was amazing.  The coffee was great, not excellent but great.  I had a latte and was surprised that they did not offer a variety of milks (such as skim, or non fat..etc...).  Secondly, I like the bigger cups of  coffee and these were on the small side... (ok maybe I am a bit spoiled ...hahhaha)...  

The hospitality was fair, not excellent or great but fair.  We were seated very quickly, but their greeting was a bit cold, not sure why, maybe they were upset about something .. who knows.   Our waiter was nice, but also lacked the warmness I expected.  

The restroom was not sufficient, not only does it only have one stall, but it was not very clean.  Their was paper towels everywhere, and other problems I will not mention.  I know they can do better, and hope this lands in the managers lap so he can get this place up to par, where it should be.  

It is a great place by far and I definitely recommend this place, but I had to be honest with you guys.  Well enough blogging for now, i'm headed to show 5 homes in the Heights today and can't wait.  This first time buyer family is so excited.  Talk to you guys later.  BYE for now =).

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Video of the Patio

Hey I love this, you can ride your bike here and stop in to refuel your body.

Coffee was pretty good, 

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