Sunday, October 12, 2014

Boomtown Coffee House Review

Boomtown Coffee House Review
Houston Heights, Texas

Well I had a wonderful time this morning at Boomtown Coffee House.  The coffee was strong and excellent.  I enjoy a strong or somewhat tasteful Latte.  The breakfast was excellent as well, I ordered the breakfast croissant & fruit for brunch.  The croissant was lightly toasted to perfection, the sunny side egg was cooked just right in order for the yolk to slowly drizzle out of it's bun, the bacon crispy enough to squeeze out all those juicy spices but not over cooked.  

I take off my hat to the chef & the coffee maker. 

Now for the some what downside of Boomtown... Yes there is a small downside.  I enjoy reading at a coffee house, but the venue has a BOOM to it... lol... A lot of hustle & bustle there, so if you enjoy reading you may consider bringing some ear phones or ear plugs.  Otherwise, the place is wonderful. 

By the way they are having an event today on 19th Street, so you will need to park your car on the side.  I believe it is a merchant event, lots of booths being setup and music.  So put on a pair of comfy shoes and high tail it to 19th street.  

Please excuse any grammatical errors, as I am blogging from my mobile device. =)

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Talk to guys later, headed to open house on 15th Street.  Call/Text me if you need anything.  See you soon at Yoga =)  Evites going out by tomorrow. 

A little Walk Thru of BoomTown Coffee House

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