Monday, October 6, 2014

Review of Blvd. Coffee on Heights Blvd

Review of Blvd. Coffee on Heights Blvd.

Houston Heights - Texas

Blvd coffee I must say is not only a quaint, very friendly, coffee shop but a great place to enjoy the day.  The shop has very large patio deck covered with lush adult trees.  The servers are so nice and very courteous.  I do have bad news though.  They are closing down supposedly early next year.  The landlord states another restaurant type facility is to take its place.  One more tip, they close early too, I went at 8pm one evening and they were closed.  Well i'm off to work on this glorious Monday morning =)... Time to sell some homes !! Have a wonderful day and grab some coffee, before it's too late =)

I'm blogging from my mobile so please excuse any grammar errors. 

Allen J.
Real Estate Broker & Blogger

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